12 Pokemon Videos That Remind Us Our Childhood Days

Here are some of the best Pokemon moments from the anime series.

Pokémon is incontrovertibly one of the best children’s entertainment franchises in the world. Perhaps it isn’t a good idea to call Pokémon a children’s entertainment company because millions of adults around the world enjoy playing Pokémon games and watching Pokémon anime shows. In fact, a lot of us, the 90s kids, grew up alongside Pokémon. Just because we have grown up doesn’t mean we should stop playing Pokémon games or stay away from watching Pokémon anime! Let’s quickly get back to the actual point. What I have here are 12 Pokemon videos that show some of the best, memorable, intense, and funny moments from the Pokémon anime series.

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1) Ash vs. Paul Battle: Sinnoh League

It is one of the best battles in the entire Pokémon anime series. Ash really kicked Paul’s ass hard in the battle. Watch it; this Pokémon video is very satisfying to watch!

2) Ash vs. Drake: Orange League Trophy

I like this battle very much, more than that Ash and Paul’s clash.

3) Pikachu Electrocutes Ash  

Many kids of this generation have no idea that Pikachu used to be a jerk at the beginning! Ash’s Pikachu was stubborn and it had major trusts issues with its trainer, Ash, until he risked his life to save it from a flock of angry Spearows.

4) The Entire “Charizard Chills” Episode

If you remember, Charizard takes on extremely powerful Poliwrath, and smacks its ass. This episode marks the budding of friendship between Ash and Charizard.

5) Pikachu vs. Regice: The Final Frontier

The fierce battle between Pikachu and Regice is an absolute treat to watch.

6) When Ash’s Tepig Evolved into Pignite

I didn’t remember the episode, but here’s the video. I hope you like it!

7) When Chimchar Joined Ash’s Team

Undoubtedly, it one of the best Pokémon moments I have ever witnessed.

8) Ash vs. Gary: Johto League

If you enjoy watching Pokemon videos, here’s one more epic battle video for you.

9) Ash vs. Tobias: Sinnoh League

I love Pokémon battles a lot, so I’m obviously going to add a lot of them here. Here’s one such terrific showdown between Ash and Tobias.

10) When Serena Cut Her Hair: Pokémon the Series: XY

Serena looks a lot better in long hair, but she it, anyway. According to YouTube user, chackle, cutting hair symbolizes leaving your old self behind and starting in a new life in Japanese culture.

11) The Entire Seventh Episode of XY Series

“Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race” is very exciting to watch.

12) When Ash and His Friends Imitated Team Rocket!

This old Pokémon scene is gold! Boy, I really miss old Pokémon.

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