12 Redneck Memes That Are Too Funny to Miss Out

The best of funny redneck memes on the internet.

If you don’t know, “redneck” is an offensive term used to describe the working-class and politically reactionary white people living in Southern American states such as Alabama, Arkansas, New Mexico, and Mississippi. Redneck people are known for their love for stuff like guns, pickup trucks, and Confederate flag. Southerners are often labeled racists, misogynists, xenophobes, etc. even though a vast majority of them minds their own business like every other social group in the United States does. As you are here to see some redneck memes, here are 12 of them exclusively for you!

1) When Obama doesn’t let you marry your sister!

Funny redneck meme

Funny meme, but, is incest among redneck community real or just a stereotype? Rednecks do date or marry their cousins, but the numbers are often blown out of proportion. Cousin marriages exist not only in the Southern United States but also in many countries that have a dominant rural/country population. In the Arab world, marriage between close family relatives is quite common.

2) Redneck rule number one: Most things can be fixed with duct tape and extension cords.  

Redneck memes

This is true! These redneck people are extremely cool when it comes to fixing things. If it works, it ain’t stupid!

3) American? I’m ‘Murican!

‘Murican or ‘Merican is a slightly offensive slang term used to refer dumb Americans. Lately, we have been seeing many foreigners making fun of the United States using the word. Interestingly, many Southerners pronounce America ‘Murica to this date!

4) If you played horseshoes with a toilet seat, you might be a redneck!

Horseshoes game is long gone, and I haven’t seen people playing it in years – at least in the place where I live. Toilet seats are a great alternative to traditional horseshoes, but I guess they are not for everyone!

5) I shot my first turkey today. It sure scared the hell out of everyone in the frozen food section!

Hey, never ever make fun of redneck shooting skills. No one knows how to use a gun better than these guys do! Guns are like toys for them, and they have been playing with them since their childhood.

6) How girls think redneck guys look like. What redneck guys actually look like!

If I were to describe rednecks with one picture, I’d crop this picture in half and use the bottom part to do it!

7) Meanwhile at a daycare in Alabama

Without this pickup truck with its oversized wheels, this redneck memes article is incomplete. Good job, Elly! *Taps my own back*

8) Redneck women: It’s not like you’re really looking for conversation.

Redneck girls are either insanely hot or extremely ugly. You have women who look like this girl in the picture or those flabby chicks who resemble a bag of potatoes.

9) We broke up, but she said we could still be cousins!

Yet another redneck meme that makes fun of cousin relationships! If you think you are getting sick of incest, quietly scroll down see the next image!

10) Racism is a crime, and crime is for black people!

Most rednecks hate blacks, Latinos, Asians, white liberals, and pretty much everyone who’s not a redneck!

11) Redneck word of the day: Obama! I brought me a case of beer and drank it Obama self!

Obama self = all by myself!

12) Get in p*ssy! We are making America great again!

This richest and the most powerful redneck guy ever! President Donald Trump, ladies and gentlemen!

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