12 Pikachu Memes That Make Every Pokemon Fan Laugh

If you are looking for some funny Pikachu memes, you are at the right place!

Pikachu is the official mascot of Pokemon franchise. No other Pokemon can come close to it when it comes to fame. Millions around the world, including those kids that live in the remotest parts of the African continent, recognize Pikachu, which is clearly not the case with other Pokemon. Both Pikachu and Clefairy were chosen as official Pokemon mascots at the beginning, but Pikachu outshined Clefairy in the subsequent years and went on to become a celebrated Pokemon. Now, let’s check these hilarious Pikachu memes without wasting any more time!

1) My Base HP May Be Low

Pikachu Memes

But I make up for my lack HP with my 90 base speed and a variety of moves including Quick Attack, Agility, Electro Ball, Thunderbolt, Volt Tackle, Iron Tail, and even more possible views! This meme makes total sense, isn’t it?

2) I Can’t Afford My Electric Bill

Pikachu is capable of generating his own electricity, so he doesn’t need to bother about electricity.

3) Pikachu Be Like

That face, though!

4) Pikachu Losing Weight Since 1998

But he’s getting cuter and cuter day by day!

5) Are you a Pikachu?

Because you are shockingly beautiful! Do you know a Pokemon fan girl? You may use this meme as a pickup line if you want.

6) Pika Pika… Pika Pi…


Should Pikachu learn human language and start communicating with people instead of saying Pika Pika all the time? Boy, this meme has to be one of the best Pikachu memes ever.

7) When Pikachu Gave Seizures 700 Odd Japanese Kids

One of the older episodes of Pokemon had a colorful scene that gave seizures to nearly 700 kids in Japan. Watch the video on YouTube, but only if you don’t have a history or suffering from epilepsy or seizure attacks.

8) In Soviet Russia, Pikachu Catches You!

“Put in” your best effort not to get caught by Pikachu!

9) Shut up and Take My Badges!

If you go to Japan, you will see a lot of Pikachu-themed things like this small car.

10) Pikachu I Chose You

Nah bro, I’m good!

11) I Especially Dedicate This Pikachu Meme to Pokemon Noobs

They installed Pokemon Go. They uninstalled because they didn’t anything about it. NOOBS!!! My coworker installed Pokemon Go last year because everyone else was doing that. She didn’t know about a thing about Pokemon at first, but she believed she learned everything in just a week. Every time she discussed Pokemon with me, I felt like I should throw a Steelix at her face and smack her head with a Magnemite!

12) Confused. Better Punch Myself in the Face!

This meme marks the end of this (slightly boring) Pikachu memes article.


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