12 Grandma Jokes That Are Extremely Funny

Finest collection of grandma jokes on the internet.

We all love our grandparents. They are some of the nicest people we will have ever met in our life. Grandmas, in particular, are very kind, affectionate, and lovable. They are too sweet to be trolled or made fun of, but… Anyway, as you are here to read some funny grandma jokes, go ahead and take a look at these jokes about grandmas that are sure to crack you up. ALERT: You may find a couple of dirty grandma jokes in this article!


1) When Granny Trolled a Bus Driver

An old grandma got on a bus and sat behind the driver. After a few minutes, the granny proceeded to offer a handful of peanuts to the driver. The middle-aged driver was more than happy to accept the treats from the old woman. After some time, he asked the granny if she still had some peanuts. She quietly replied, “Nope. I have no teeth, son. I can only eat the chocolate. I can’t chew the nuts inside, so I gave them to you!”

2) When Grandma Got Her Hearing Ability Back

A grandma who suffered hearing problems throughout her old age finally met a doctor who fixed her problem with the help of a hearing aid. She met the doctor again after a month for a checkup. He told the granny that her problem was fixed and asked her if her family was happy about that. She replied, “I haven’t let my family know about it yet. I have been listening to what they are speaking, and guess what? I changed my will twice already!

3) One of the Classic Sidesplitting Granny Jokes

A grandmother on her deathbed tells her grandson, “I want to leave you some fortune, which includes farm, barn, harvest, livestock, tractor, and $10 million in cash.” The flabbergasted grandson then says, “Wow, grandma! You are so good. Thank you, very much. Do you have a farm? I don’t know that. Tell me, where it is?” Her last words, “on Facebook…” seem to have disenchanted the young man.

4) This Has to Be One of the Best Grandma Jokes Ever

A girl asks her grandmother on the phone, “Hello, grandma! What are you doing?” The grandmother then says she is watching a movie. The curious granddaughter then inquires the name of the film. The granny says she doesn’t know the title but confirms she has seen grown-up “Smurfs” on the screen. The girl eventually finds out her grandmother is watching the “Avatar” movie.

5) Do You Know Why?

Why do grandmas smile always? Grandmas do so because they can’t hear a word you are saying, and they smirk all the time to pretend they are listening to what you say!

6) The Best of All Granny Jokes

7-year-old Joseph visited his grandmother’s home along with his mom and dad. One night, when the family sat together to eat dinner, Joseph began chomping on a roll without offering the prayer. Upset by his action, his mother, Laura, angrily reminded him that he needed to pray before eating food. The young lad replied, “Granny knows how to cook well. We don’t need to pray!”

7) When a Grandma is High

A boy asks his granny, “Have you seen my pills container that was labeled L$D? The grandma then replies, “F*ck your pills container, I have lost my pet dragon in the kitchen. Have you seen it?”

8) This Hilarious Mix up  

An old woman and a baby met a doctor at his office. She told the doc that the baby was weak and undernourished. The doctor asked her if the baby was breastfed, and she replied yes. The doctor then asked the woman to show her breasts. She did, and he immediately proceeded to press, squeeze, and suck on them. He then concluded that woman had no milk in her breasts. She calmly told the doctor that she wasn’t the mother of the baby! Well, she was the grandmother!

9) This Missing Grandma

When my gran was 60 years old, her doctor advised her to walk a mile every day. Now she is 90 years old, and we don’t know where the hell she is!

10) This Crazy Granny

Grandma Betty was asked to look after her 6-month-old granddaughter as the parents of the baby girl went on a vacation. She called her best friend, Sally, to come to her home to help her out. Sally came and asked Betty where the baby was. Grandma Betty didn’t show the little girl to her friend. After a few minutes, Sally furiously asked Betty if she would ever show the baby to her. Betty quietly replied, “I would.” Sally then said, “When? And what are you waiting for?” Betty responded, “I’m waiting for the baby to cry so I can find where she is!”

11) This Badass Grandma

A 6-year-old boy received a mini drum set as a gift from her grandmother. It was his first musical instrument and he liked very much. The boy’s mother was upset with the gift, and asked her mom why she bought a loud and noisy present like that. She said, “Don’t you remember how I drove you crazy with a drum set when I was a kid?” The granny quietly replied, “I remember everything, sweetheart!”

12) This Awkward Moment…

A 90-year-old grandma discovered condoms in her grandson’s bag and asked him what they were. He told her that they were condoms and people would use them to hide their cigarettes during a rainy day. He informed her she could find them in any drugstore. A couple of days later, the grandmother checked into the nearest CVS and asked the pharmacist for a box of condoms. When he inquired her about the preferred size, she told him that the condoms should fit a Camel (cigarette)!

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