12 Hilarious Ghetto Memes You Need to See in 2017

The Best Ghetto Memes on the Internet!

Many of you may not know what it is like to live in a ghetto. Ghettos are hellholes, and every country has them. Poor, minority groups, refugees, etc. inhabit such neighborhoods, and as you know, the standards of living in such places are extremely low and the crime rate is very high. Even though the United States is one the richest countries in the world, many of its citizens, especially the people of black community, are still dwelling in poverty, living in those ghettos that we are talking about now. The following 12 ghetto memes depict the lifestyle, culture, and struggles of those who live in such overpopulated and perilous neighborhoods.

1) When you’re throwing up and ask him to hold your hair, and he says, “Just take it off!”

Funny Ghetto Memes

Didn’t you get this joke? If so, you are probably not aware of the hair struggles of black women! Many women of African descent can’t grow long hair, so they use wigs, weaves, hair extensions, etc. as an alternative. This meme hilariously describe how a young black woman was told by her boyfriend just to take off her hairpiece instead holding it up for his puking girlfriend! Never assume ghetto guys as responsible boyfriends!

2) Ghetto SpongeBob!

Hilarious Ghetto Memes

That black person who seems to be chilling out under what appears to be a damaged mattress surely has an uncanny resemblance to SpongeBob SquarePants! I have no idea how could he even breathe under that sponge, but it seems to be shielding him from sunrays. All we missed in this picture was a graffiti artist who could draw SpongeBob’s face on that sponge! He or she seems to be homeless, so let’s hope they are leading a better life now.

3) When You Use His Phone to Call His Sister and Your Phone Rings!


Wait a minute! Are we talking about redneck memes? No, no, not at all! Well, I got confused when I read words like bro and sis on this ghetto meme. Anyway, this meme is clearly not discussing the bro-sis thing. Apparently, a boyfriend saved his girlfriend’s phone number as SISTER. That means he was probably hanging out with another girl in the hood, and the girl in the meme was just his sidechick!

4) At the Beach With My “Beasties!”

The meme looks very funny, but I think it’s highly inappropriate to compare fat women with rhinos! Anyway, as this article is all about ghetto memes, I have no other choice but to add the picture to this list.

5) When Everyone Thinks She’s Sweet and Innocent, But Behind the Closed Doors She Beats on You and Calls You Bitch Ass N*gga!

She is not the only one, and in fact, a lot of girls are like her! If I’m not wrong, most guys prefer a girl who is a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets!

6) Ghetto Word of the Day: Hotel!


My momma said she ain’t gonna tell shaqueta nothing else cause that hotel everything she hear. THAT HOE TELL EVERYTHING SHE HEARS! I hope you got the joke!

7) Come at Me Bro!  

Doesn’t like that I honked to let her know light turned green, gets out in traffic to fight me

How often we see senseless people like her on the streets? We can’t confine the unruly behavior just to one community as we see such people in all kinds of races and ethnicities.

8) Why It Looks Like His Glasses Are Squeezing His Head?!

He seems to be suffering from some kind of skull deformity. We better no laugh at this poor guy.

9) When Your Credit Score Starts Growing up!

Another uproarious ghetto meme, isn’t it?! That young guy has vitiligo, the same skin condition that transformed Michael Jackson into a white person.

10) Hoverboard in the Hood!

At least, there’s something! And that’s a lot better than not having anything.

11) Dey See Me Rollin, I Ate Them!

I prefer not to say anything about her or this meme! *Flies away on that ghetto hoverboard!”

12) This Crazy Couple!

I want the relationship with my boyfriend as strong as that guy’s legs!

Here’s the Bonus! One of the Most Awkward and Ridiculous Ghetto Memes Ever!

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