Are Black Pearls Real?

Everything you need to know about black pearls!

If you are searching for black pearl jewelry lately, you may have already noticed that some black pearl ornaments on the market are very expensive. Why are some black pearls more expensive than others? Are black pearls real in the first place? You will find answers to all such questions in this article, so keep reading!

Black pearls are real. They can naturally form like their light colored counterparts. However, natural black pearls are very rare that you have to shell out a lot of money to purchase black pearl ornaments, especially black pearl necklaces.

Black Tahitian Pearls

Black Tahitian pearls are the only naturally forming dark pearls in the world. By calling them natural, I mean to say that they are not dyed black. Most black pearls on the market are grown in pearl farms, but they are not mass-produced like light-colored freshwater cultured pearls. That is the reason why genuine black pearls are very expensive.

How Black Tahitian Pearls Form?

Pinctada Margaritifera, a black-lipped pearl oyster, native to Indo Pacific and French Polynesia regions, produces black pearls.

Why Natural Black Pearls Are Often Referred to as Black Tahitian Pearls?

Most of the black pearl farms in the world exist in Tahiti, a largest island in French Polynesia.

Are Those Pearl Completely Dark?

The answer is no. Tahitian black pearls often have overtones of blue-green, peacock, silver, cherry, gold, copper, yellow, and many more colors. Therefore, while buying a Tahitian black pearl ornament, you need to check how dark are pearls just to make sure you don’t end up buying pearls that are light grayish in colors. You are less likely to find very, very dark black Tahitian pearls.

In What Shapes Do Black Tahitian Pearls Come?

Perfectly round black Tahitian pearls are very expensive as they are very rare. Usually, these pearls come in many shapes from round and drop to baroque.

How Expensive Are Black Tahitian Pearls?

The price of a black Tahitian pearl depends up in its qualities such as shape, luster, and the existence of blemishes or imperfections on its body. A single black Tahitian pearl may cost you anywhere from $100 to $500 depending upon their quality.

Black Tahitian Pearls vs. Black Akoya Pearls vs. Other Black Pearls  

Black Akoya pearls are not naturally black. They are color-treated to give them a dark shade. The case is same with black freshwater cultured pearls, as they also are dyed black for a darker shade.

You need not to do a lot of research if you are just planning to buy a piece of jewelry that doesn’t have a lot of black pearls, such as a black pearl pendant necklace. However, if you are planning to purchase a black pearl necklace, you should do a hell lot of research, as they are very, very expensive.