• The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Transport Wheelchair


    Before purchasing a transport wheel chair, it is important that you understand the difference between a transport wheelchair and a standard wheelchair.

    • A transport wheelchair moves forward only when a companion pushes it
    • Transport wheelchairs usually have smaller wheels
    • They weigh less
    • The fold for storage

    A transport wheelchair is an ideal choice only in the following cases.

    • You need a wheelchair for short outdoor trips
    • You need a wheelchair for doctor appointments
    • You need a wheelchair for going to the shopping mall
    • You need a wheelchair that’s light in weight and folds for storage

    Here are a few considerations that you need to take into account before purchasing a transport wheelchair.

    Weight Capacity

    Most lightweight transport wheelchairs on the market are made to bear loads up to 300 lbs. Any wheelchair above this weight capacity is expensive. Go with a heavy-duty transport wheelchair if you think the person who is going to use it is heavy.

    Seat Size

    Generally, wheelchairs come in three types in connection with seat size, which are narrow, standard, and wide. Retailers who sell transport wheelchairs online often don’t describe their products with terms such as narrow, standard, wide, etc. They simply write the width and depth of a wheelchair seat in inches. Ensure that you have checked the seat size of a wheelchair before ordering it.


    Transport wheelchairs have smaller wheels than standard wheelchairs. Most transport wheelchairs are equipped with rubber tires that don’t go flat. The wheel size varies from one wheelchair to other. Larger wheels offer more load-bearing capacity and stability, whereas smaller ones ensure easy maneuverability.

     Seat Cushion

    Most transport wheelchairs on the market don’t come with high-quality cushion or padded seats. It is understandable because users are not supposed to spend prolonged periods sitting on their transport wheelchairs. If you are mainly looking for a transport wheelchair that offers maximum seating comfort, you may have to go with high-end American-made wheelchairs that are going to cost you more money.

    Pro Tip: You can purchase a third-party seat cushion or can make one at home if you are skilled enough to do that.

  • 12 Sure Shot Signs Your Relationship is on Deathbed

    Pizzas are meant to be eaten and relationships are meant to be broken. Being in relationship is like raising a cow. It’s not all about wholesome milk. You gotto the clean the mess and that really sucks. A smart person would foresee a breakup months in advance and GTFO of the relationship as early and as amicably as possible. Here are the 12 signs that tell if your partner is going to leave you soon. *signs apply  for men and women*

    1) Not Appreciating Much

    The same person who appreciated and thanked you even for silly little things you did for them will no longer acknowledge your effort no matter how many good things you do to them and how hard you try to impress them.

    2) Always on the Phone Texting

    They spend a lot of time texting… and they do that so involvedly that sometimes they even forget that you exist.

    3) Arriving Home Late Frequently

    I don’t mean to say coming home late is a bad thing, but it can be a sign of cheating, especially when combined with illogical and pointless reasons… something like… my great, great, great, great, grandfather’s fifth wife’s granddaughter’s son-in-law is hospitalized for teeth cancer!

    4) Mysterious Schedules

    Fishy business trips and stuff.

    5) They Become More Secretive

    They accuse you of invading their privacy if you try to know what the F is going on.

    6) Their Appearance Changes

    Men may try their best look fit and hot. Women, on the other hand, tend to purchase sexy clothes and lingerie.

    7) Loss of Sexual Desire

    Happy couples are those who make out passionately every day or every other day. If your partner is sexually active and if they no longer shows interest in having sex with you, it could well be an indication that they are sleeping with someone else.

    8) Picks Fights over Nothing

    Guess who plays the victim card!

    9) Their Taste in Things Suddenly Change

    New music. New TV shows. Trying out new perfumes. May even read a couple of new books – all at the behest of their new found love!

    10) They Get Easily Offended

    Tell her that her privates stink and that could well be the end of the relationship. Tell him the he needs to last longer or go deeper and that could end things forever.

    11) No I Love Yous

    Gone are the days when your partner would say I love you now and then.

    12) They Get Easily Startled

    Especially when they are on their phone and see you unexpectedly.

    Know someone who is going through a rocky relationship lately? Share this article with them and do them a favor.

  • 12 Things You Can Do After Catching Your Partner in the Act

    Last month my friend caught his girlfriend in the act. He was very upset and got drunk continuously for like 10 days in a row. He invited me for a drink.

    Not knowing his pain, I met him hoping for some free beer and pizza!!! He opened up and told me everything that happened on that miserable day.

    I immediately asked him if he had a small penis. He said no. I also asked him if he saw his girlfriend’s new boyfriend’s penis as he saw both of them naked, and he said yes. I asked him to explain how it looked *no homo*, and he replied it kind of looked fat and big!

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know what inspired me to write this article. Forget about my friend and his bitchy bitch girlfriend and scroll down to know the 12 things you can do after catching your partner in the act!

    1) Offer Them a Drink

    Don’t’ say WTF. Be a gentleman or gentlewoman and offer them a drink or at least some water. Don’t you think they will be tired?!

    2) Tell Them to Get Dressed

    It sucks to see a man naked if you are a straight guy and girl naked if you are straight woman.

    3) Shag

    Tell both of them to fuck off and peacefully masturbate. Trust me, it feels good!

    4) Get Drunk

    If you have the habit of drinking, drink some alcohol. It relaxes a bit. If you don’t drink, there’s no better time than now to taste the magic liquid!

    5) Set Some Goals in Life

    You aren’t a loser. Set some career goals and aim to own Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and stuff.

    6) Tell Your Best Friend about It

    We all have besties. Share your pain with your best friend and they sure will have some ideas to cheer you up.

    7) Install Tinder or OkCupid

    Dear Tinder, I made a huge blunder. OK CUPID, here I come!

    8) See Memes

    Browse 9gag, Reddit, and 4Chan and see some new memes.

    9) Take a Night Walk

    and try to discover the new yourself – or befriend some ghosts!

    10) Eat Pizza

    Or any food that you love the most.I love rocky mountain oysters, btw!

    11) Listen to Sad Music on YouTube

    Every sad song sounds as if it is written just for you! Feels great, dear.

    12) Cry

    Cry, cry, and cry until your eyes run out of tears.

    I know it sucks to be in this situation, but you gotto take it like a boss.

  • 12 Husband Wife Jokes That Are Hilarious

    My friend asked me if I had some funny marriage jokes. I said no, but asked her why she wanted to read such jokes. Note that she is a 35-year-old woman and a mother of two! She told me that her husband was kind of becoming a jerk, so she wanted to roast him with few jokes about marriage, especially the ones that target husbands. I quickly searched Google for marriage humor but disappointed with the unclear and cluttered results.

    HENCE – HENCE – I decided to write a nice and funny article about marriage, wedding, husband and wife jokes, so people who are looking for them will find them all at one place.

    I don’t know why you want to read marriage jokes, but as you are here to read them, go ahead and do that! PS: None of these jokes target husbands or wives in particular. It’s a mixed bag!

    1) This Funny Wife Joke

    A police officer calls his boss and says, “We have a very interesting case here. A crazy woman shot her husband for stepping on the floor that she just mopped.”

    The baffled boss responds, “Oh my god! Are you serious? Is the husband dead? Call medical support immediately. Did you arrest her?”

    The police officer answers, “No, I haven’t arrested her yet.”

    The boss asks, “Why?”

    The officer replies, “Well, the floor is still wet!”

    2) Now a Husband Joke!

    A woman sees her husband standing on the weight scale and notices him sucking his stomach inside.

    She says, “Sucking in your stomach will not change the number. That’s not going to help at all. You need to work out to get rid of your beer belly.”

    Unhappy about his wife’s criticism, the husband tells her, “If I don’t suck my stomach in, I can’t see the number. Dumb b*tch!”

    3) One of the Best Husband and Wife Jokes

    A middle-aged couple is sitting together watching a movie while sipping on some nice wine. The wife suddenly says, “I love you.” The surprised husband asks her, “Is that you or the wine that is speaking? The wife affirms that it is she who is talking, not the wine. She adds, “But, I’m talking to the wine bottle!”

    4) This Hilarious Wives Joke

    A man posted an ad on Craigslist stating that he needed a wife. He received over 100 replies, and all of them read more or less the same as, “You can take mine!”

    5) This Funny Argument Between a Husband and Wife

    One day and wife a husband argued over the husband’s aversion to the wife’s family members. The wife was upset over how her husband disliked her relatives including her mother and father. She demanded an explanation from him regarding his abhorrence of her family. The husband quietly told her, “I don’t hate your family members. In fact, I love your mother in law more than my mother in law!”

    6) When Genie Met a Husband

    A husband met Genie once, and Genie promptly granted him two wishes. Genie was aware of the man’s hate for his mother in law, so the wishes came with a small condition. The mother in law would get twice of whatever the man wished for, be it money, cars, or an expensive home. The man asked billion dollars as a first wish. Genie granted! He asked ovarian cancer as the second wish, and dumbstruck genie had no choice but to grant it!

    7) This Bad Joke About Marriage

    How do most men describe marriage? A marriage is a very huge investment upfront to get laundry done free for a lifetime!

    8) This Silly Wife!

    A wife and husband were visiting a holy place, located thousands of miles away from their country. Unfortunately, the husband passed away mid trip. A local undertaker told the woman that she could have her husband buried in the holy place for just $200 or had the body shipped to her place for $5000. The women wanted her husband’s body transported back to her home country. The surprised undertaker asked the woman, “People consider it very fortunate to be able to die at this holy place. Some rich people spend thousands of dollars to have the dead bodies of the family members buried here. Why do you want to take away your husband’s body, spending a lot of money? The woman replied, “Three thousand years ago, a man was buried here. Three days later, he rose from the dead. I don’t want to take any chance!”

    9) Now, This Silly Husband

    A man shopping in a supermarket approached a smoking hot woman and asked, “Hey, I have lost my wife here in the market. Can you please talk to me for a few minutes?” The girl with a puzzled face replied, “Why?” The man told her, “Every time I speak with a beautiful woman, my wife appears out of nowhere!”

    10) This Funny and Stupid Husband

    A man walks into a tattoo parlor and asks the tattoo artist to ink a $100 bill on his penis. The shocked tattoo artist asked the man what was his motive behind the bizarre tattoo idea. The man told him three reasons. 1) I like to play with my money. 2) I like to watch my money grow. 3) A $100 bill seems to the only thing my will blow these days lately!

    11) This Uproarious Wife and Husband Joke

    Wife: Why do you always roam in the garden or front yard whenever I sing?

    Husband: I do so because neighbors may think I’m beating you!

    12) This Naughty Husband

    A wife and husband begins cuddling in bed. A few moments later, the husband stars feeling her body.

    Wife: No, not today. I have a gynecologist appointment tomorrow.

    Disappointed husband then quietly rolls over to the other side of the bed.

    After a few minutes, he asks her, “Do you have a dentist appointment too?”

    Do you like the jokes? If so, don’t forget to share them with your friends!

  • 30 Girly Tattoos That Are Cute and Strikingly Beautiful

    If you are a girl and looking for cute girly tattoos, your tattoo research should end right here because what you are about to see in this article are some nice tattoos for girls. Gender-neutral tattoos look good, but feminine tattoos look even great on women! If you agree with me, just scroll to down to see these 30 inspiring and beautiful tattoo designs for girls.

    Please note that I had chosen these tattoos based mostly on their meaning. I tried my best to come up with a possible explanation of these girly tattoos, but please don’t mind if I got something wrong.

    Okay then, here we go! Check some of the best girly tattoos with meaning.

    1) A Medium Sized Rose Tattoo on Lower Hip

    Girly tattoos

    It’s a small and simple tattoo. It isn’t one of those colorful and eye-catching designs, but it still looks impressive. Tattoos like these are cost effective. You can get this kind of tattoos cheaply at local tattoo shops. I’m a big fan of such tats because they don’t dominate their wearers.

    2) This Cute Owl Tattoo on Wrist

    Owl tattoo for girls

    If you are searching for small tattoo designs for women, you should add this adorable owl tattoo your wish list. I really liked that innocent expression on the baby owl’s face. Other than being just a girly tattoo, I don’t think this owl tattoo has any meaning. Even though it is a colorful tattoo, I can still see some life in it, thanks to the wonderful effort of the tattoo artist.

    3) These Cute Birds

    Cute birds tattoo
    This tattoo looks good too. What do you say? I think those two birdies are a pair, and perhaps the wearer got that tattoo as a token of love. One of those two birdies must represent her boyfriend! Since there are no names in this tattoo, it will continue to work even if she breaks up with her boyfriend!

    4) This Inspiring Never a Victim – Forever a Fighter Tattoo

    Fighter tattoo

    Personally, I’m not a big fan of quote tattoos. They look bland unless there is some kind of design involved. The reason why I still added a quote tattoo to this list because I want you girls to see how a quote tattoo look on a girl’s body, especially on the lower part of the stomach. This quote implicates that the girl might have gone through some problems in the past.

    5) This Feather 3D Tattoo for Girls

    Feather tattoo for girls

    What you see in this picture is a 3D tattoo, and it does look beautiful. Hey, I mean, I only liked the tattoo. I’m not sure if the three-dimensional feather design is looking good on her body or not. The problem with this kind of a tattoo is that one needs to be very close to a person to see and understand the design clearly. From a distance, this tattoo may look like a bad skin bruise!

    6) This 3D Butterfly Tattoo for Girls

    Butterflies signify feminineness, delicateness, beauty, etc. Even though many men ink butterfly tattoos on their body, these butterfly tattoos are popular among women. I loved this cool body art a lot because of its three-dimensional appearance. The tattoo does give me an impression that there is a real butterfly hovering on her shoulder blade!

    7) This Rose Tattoo on Shoulders

    Rose tattoo on shoulders

    As we saw a couple of extravagant and expensive 3D tattoos, now it’s time to check a plain rose tattoo. The tattoo looks a little bigger, but you can’t have a small one there because a small tattoo on shoulders looks disproportionate. Rose as body art has so many meanings from being a symbol of love, purity to a sign of hope and new beginnings.

    8) This Rose and Floral Side Tattoo for Women

    Flower art

    The tattoo is a mix of rose and some floral design. It’s a side tattoo, and understandably, most people can’t see it because it is usually covered with clothes. Girl, if you want to show off your tattoo to friends, coworkers, or family members, avoid side or inner body tattoos. If you badly want a big tattoo but can’t get one because of social reasons, then get a tattoo like this.

    9) This Cute Love Tattoo on Fingers

    Love tattoo on fingers

    Short, sweet, and cute! I loved the font, especially that curvy stroke right under the word, love. What do you think? Do you find it impressive? A tattoo like this isn’t going to cost you an arm or leg! The risk of a tattoo artist messing it up is minimal too. Any girl who is searching for some beautiful finger tattoos will find this cute tat awe-inspiring!

    10) This Small and Adorable Elephant Tattoo

    Cute elephant tattoo

    10/10 I loved it. Well, well, well, this is one of the cutest tattoos for girls I have seen in the recent times. If you observe it keenly, you will notice small floral designs on the elephant, so it isn’t really an animal tattoo. This body art is a beautiful fusion of animal and floral designs, and girl, this tattoo is mysteriously beautiful!

    11) This Dove Side Breast Tattoo

    Dove tattoo for girls

    Wow, this tattoo is adorable! I really liked this tattoo because it has a dove and a love symbol in it. Dove, as you know, is often used as a symbol of peace. This tattoo seems to be conveying the message, peace and love. It’s cute and small, so any girl who is in search of small tattoo designs should add this to her wish list.

    12) This Majestic Back of the Neck Tattoo for Girls

    Crown tattoo for girls

    Unless you are royal queen or princess, you can’t comfortably wear a crown without people giving those weird looks. A crown is a sign of royalty, so if you can’t have one on your head, at least try to have it in some form like a tattoo, as seen in this picture! Such a tattoo straightaway sends a message to people around you that you are a princess type!

    13) This Floral Hip Tattoo

    Floral hip tattoo

    Wonderful body art! If you are looking to get a tattoo on your hips, thighs, and adjacent areas, big tattoo designs like these look good. As I said earlier, the only downside is that you need to do exactly what this girl did in the image to show tattoo to friends and family members. I’m not sure about others. But I feel very awkward to do that!

    14) This Love Tattoo on Wrist

    Love tattoo for girls

    Second love tattoo on this article, I guess. The reason why I included this design to this list is that it gives you an idea of how a simple word like love can look gorgeous if the tattoo artists use a nice font style and some creative design. Did you figure out the meaning of this tattoo? Apparently, it says, “Infinite love!” Isn’t this one of the cutest girly tattoos on this list?

    15) This Stay Strong Tattoo

    Stay strong tattoo

    This thin-stroked tattoo with Stay Strong message is inarguably one of the best girly tattoos on this article. Just like the previous love tattoo, the tattoo is creatively inked to form the infinity symbol. I didn’t like the S alphabet in the tattoo, though. It hardly looks like S, and I was able to figure that out only after I read the rest of the phrase.

    16) This Religious Tattoo for Girls

    Faith tattoo

    Do you love God? Do you want to show the world how much you love him? If so, consider getting a religious tattoo like this. It’s small, but it’s beautiful! There is an infinity symbol in this tattoo too! Hey, don’t forget that most religious or conservative people despise body art, so your church may not like you for putting a God tattoo on your body.

    17) This Small But Color Floral Tattoo

    Floral tattoo design for girls

    It’s just a floral design, and I can’t see any message in it. It seems that girl hadn’t put much thought into it because the tattoo looks quite bland. The reason why I still featured this one in the article is that some people may like it because of its simple and colorful design.

    18) This Beautiful Floral Moon Tattoo

    Floral moon tattoo

    This tattoo looks a lot different from others. What do you say? I have many friends who have cool and creative tattoos, but I haven’t seen a similar one like that before, not even something that comes closer to this floral crescent tattoo. Wonderful tattoo, and we must appreciate this girl and her tattoo artist for their creativity! Unquestionably, it is one of the best girly tattoos.

    19) This Colorful Gun Tattoo

    Gun tattoo for girls

    This girly gun tattoo is for all girls who are strong-hearted, independent, and unique. It’s a gun tattoo, but it has a feminine theme, so that makes it a wonderful choice for gender-quality activists a.k.a. feminists. Apparently, it’s a large tattoo. One can have a smaller version of it on other body parts like hands or wrists.

    20) This White Ink Tattoo

    White ink tatttoo

    White ink tattoos are a thing, and they are quite popular. They have their own advantages and disadvantages, which I will try to explain if I write an article about white ink tattoos. That’s a beautiful geometric design, by the way. If you are very interested in knowing white ink tattoos, read this article written by a friend at inkedweddings.com.

    21) This Cute Monster Tattoo

    Monster tattoo for girls

    Are you Harley Quinn type? Do you consider yourself evilly beautiful? Then you should get this girly danger tattoo. The tattoo is a skull and two bones, which is often used to signify danger. The presence of colored hair, skull-theme ribbons, pretty eyes, etc. make it one of the best girly tattoos on this topic.

    22) This Colorful Rose Tattoo with Cross

    Rose with cross tattoo

    Even though there is a cross, I can’t call it a religious tattoo because some of my non-religious friends had a cross in their tattoos. Whatever the girl’s intention might be, this tattoo looks brilliant. I particularly loved its colors. It has a nice 3D effect too!

    23) This Long Quote Tattoo

    Long quote tattoos

    It’s an impressive tattoo, but I didn’t like it personally. I don’t like quote tattoos, especially if they are long. I added this tattoo to the article to give you an insight of what long tattoos look on women. Listen; unless there is a strong reason behind it, never ink a long quote tattoo on your body.

    24) A Long Quote Tattoo Again, But This Time with a Feather

    Feather tattoo for girls

    “Always on my mind. Forever in my heart.” It sounds like a memorial tattoo, so I’m not going to analyze it deeply. Any girl like me who finds a quote tattoo plain and boring, she can make it attractive by adding some kind of design to it, like how a feather was added to this quote tattoo.

    25) This Oddly Beautiful Full Back Tattoo

    Full back tattoo for girls

    Apparently, there are a couple of fishes looking at each other in this tattoo. The floral designs within the tattoo are an added attraction. The tattoo is big, colorful, and mysteriously beautiful. If I’m not wrong, the girl even had a red thong tattoo right on her lower back! It baffled me a bit, but well, tattoos need not be mainstream to look great!

    26) This Adorable Girly Cat Tattoo

    Cat and love tattoo

    It’s not a cat tattoo wholly, as half of it looks like the heart symbol. The tat is an artistic fusion of a cat’s face and love symbol, which, for me, looks magical! As someone who loves cats, this kitty tattoo impressed me a lot. If you also love cats, try to get a tattoo like this!

    27) This Diamond Tattoo with Space Colors

    Diamond tattoo

    Wow, what an amazing tattoo! This one is also one of the best girly tattoos we have seen so far, and the reason why I liked it so much is that it’s a colorful diamond! Girls love diamonds, so a diamond is one of the best tattoo ideas for women. Do you like this tattoo? What do you say?

    28) This Love Yourself Tattoo

    Love yourself tattoo

    Wow! JUST WOW! That is some first-rate artwork. I have seen quite a few Love Yourself tattoos, but this one beats them all with its unique and artistic design. Girls, if you are really here to research some tattoo ideas, I would strongly suggest you get a tattoo a like this. It’s small, it’s beautiful, and importantly, it has a wonderful message!

    29) These Skulls on Hands

    Skull tattoo for girls

    One skull is a girl and the other one is a boy. That skull on the right has a mustache, so I came to a conclusion that was indeed a male. The one on the left has some kind of floral design, giving me any impression that it was supposed to portray feminineness.

    30) This Blue Rose and Cross Tattoo

    Cute girly tattoos

    It is the last tattoo you are going to see on this topic. It’s a religious tattoo again, as we can see a cross there. Personally, I’m not a big fan of spiritual tattoos. It’s up to an individual’s choice, anyway. I hope you liked this beautiful collection of girly tattoos. Keep visiting Gloonk.com for more wonderful articles about tattoos!


  • Patrick Stewart Was First Considered for the Data Role

    Can you imagine Star Trek without Patrick Stewart? He had been a quintessential part of the franchise’s success throughout the Star Trek’s golden era, and that is the reason why we still remember him and talk about him.

    Did you know that Stewart was originally considered to portray Data, a famous android in the Star Trek universe? Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, envisaged a tall and masculine man with long hair to portray Jean-Luc Picard. Roddenberry wanted actor Stephen Macht to play the Picard role, but he had no choice but to go with Patrick Stewart because the rest of casting team were rallying behind the British actor!

    We have to admit that the Star Trek team took a risk by asking a skinny middle-aged British man with bald head to lead the Enterprise. And that paid off!

    Patrick Stewart wouldn’t be as popular as he is today had he played the role of Data. The Jean-Luc Picard role has not only made him famous but also earned him a lot of money. Patrick Stewart’s net worth as of 2017 is $60 million. As you may know, he married American singer and songwriter Sunny Ozell in 2013, who is 36 years younger to him!

  • 30 Math Memes That Are Funny and Nightmarish Simultaneously

    Math gave me panic attacks. Math ruined my childhood. I absolutely hated to write this math meme article, but I had to do that anyway because that is the only way I could make money. I wanted to become an astronaut, but my math teacher told me that I would never become one without knowing those complex math equations and stuff. Glad, I no longer have to solve or crack open difficult math problems.

    To be frank, I didn’t even understand many memes on this topic, so don’t expect to read any kind of clarification. If you understand the math joke, laugh. If you don’t, watch your face in a mirror, put a pathetic face, and CRY!

    Here comes the first picture of 30 hilarious math memes.

    1) Some Wise Words of Wisdom from the Grumpy Cat!

    Wouldn’t the world be a great place to live had math could solve its own problems instead of screwing up young people’s mind? The grumpy is very right; math needs to solve its own problems. We aren’t therapists!

    2) You Look Like My Next Mistake

    Length of the graph? The only graph I remember was a piece of colored paper that had some grid lines on it. I have no idea what this grid in the graph is about. Good lord, I have grown up and I don’t have to deal with problems like these. The math problem sure looks like a brain-eating monster!

    3) Not Sure If Test Was Easy or Got Everything Wrong

    Rule of math: If a problem seems easy, you are doing it completely wrong. If you ever find yourself such scenario, double check everything and make sure your answers are perfectly right. We all know that we just need to mess up one symbol to ruin everything!

    4) That Moment When You Understand Something in Math Class

    I can relate! I had my moments when I understood what my math teacher was explaining. It felt great! I then woke up, brushed my teeth, had bath, and went to my school! Yeah, it was just a wild dream. We all get them, don’t we?

    5) When You Mistook TV Remote for a Calculator

    Has a math test at school – accidentally packs TV remote instead of calculator! We all had out moments when we forgot to take some important stuff to exam. But taking a TV remote to a math test instead of a calculator? That’s an epic mess up!

    6) Why I Failed Math Test?

    Apparently, there are so many reasons on the pie chart. Let me tell mine. I failed my math test because I didn’t know a thing. I just sat there in the classroom and did nothing but hate myself for a good couple of hours. My math teacher? He knew I was going to fail!

    7) This Extremely Lucky Person

    If I were that person, I would still fail the exam! Knowing a formula is useful only when you know to use it properly! I know I’m sounding dumb. But, hey, let me tell you, this is exactly how I used be like in a math class. My gobshite math teacher in primary school used to criticize me always. With demoralizing attitude, he successfully convinced me that I would never be good at math, ever again!

    8) I’m Not Even Mad, That’s Amazing!

    Whoever came up with that solution was a genius. Here, take a bow! The teacher who corrected the problem was a genius too. I hope I was tutored by one of those nice math teachers. As said earlier, I only dealt with some sh*tgibbons and snake-headed moldnuggets.

    9) GeomeTRY, GeomeCRY, GeomeWHY, GeomeBYE!

    Wedding planners have to deal with a variety of calculations, price estimations, and stuff. Therefore, I don’t think you can be a good wedding planner if you are poor at Math.

    10) What If Algebra Teachers Are Pirates?

    Math teachers are really pirates. They keep saying that a student has to be good at math to have a great career and future ahead in their life. If they are right, if being at math assures a bright career, why are they ended up being a teacher? By the way, this is how you make a math meme with Conspiracy Keanu meme!

    11) Math in a Nutshell

    You are sure to get yet another different answer when you try it for the fourth time. That, my friend, is the beauty of math! Once you hate math, you are never going to love it.

    12) Students Be Like – Just to Be Sure!

    I really wonder how that TV remote guy handled calculations. Yep, the TV remote guy. You forgot him? The one who mistook TV remote for a calculator and packed it for a math test! Hey, do you know that a lot of Asian countries don’t allow calculators to be used during a test?

    13) This Mystery  

    Pizzas are circular in shape. They are packed inside square boxes. People slice them into triangular pieces and then eat them. Interesting, right? 48 hours later, pizzas take shape of a sausage – if you know what I mean!

    14) Life is Like Math

    Full of problems. Period. Only few can solve them, and the rest, they just sit there and cry. I bet every one of us is dealing with some sort of problem right now that we can’t solve anytime soon. We just learned to live with, don’t we?

    15) Please Don’t Laugh When the Answer is 69  

    Back in the day, when I was in school, I don’t even know what 69 meant! I didn’t have a smartphone. There was no internet at home. All I had in my home was a TV and a computer with DOS. You couldn’t even see a picture in that computer. It’s letters and numbers all the way. No Facebook, no Insta, and no drama! Good old days!

    16) Grump Cat Loves Math Because Math Make People Cry

    Math did make me cry, but it also hardened my feelings and changed my outlook of life. I was so much afraid of math at one point that it prompted me to tell myself something like, “no one’s going to kill you for being poor at math.” It was then I stopped caring about things. When you are in a problem, just tell to yourself that the problem isn’t going to kill you. And what doesn’t kill you makes you strong!

    17) The Amount of Radians in a Circle is too Damn Pi!

    Radius, diameter, area, circumference, etc. are some of the terms related to circles I can recall. I have no idea what radians are and how they are related to a circle. Pi is some 3.1415 and so on… I remember that.

    18) Where is Your God Now?

    I attempted to understand and evaluate this problem, but it gave me an anxiety attack! No, not gonna do that again. I think that’s a faulty and pointless math problem, comparison, or whatever, in the first place.

    19) The Math Struggles!

    My face when math makes me go out of my way and look for its X. And then has the nerve to ask for Y! I didn’t get that at all.

    20) Math Homework Killed Itself Because It Had Too many Problems

    No, math doesn’t kill itself. It tortures people until they completely give up on it! Nonetheless, that’s a creative excuse. I wonder how many math teachers in the world find that explanation cute. I’m sure that crazy answer is going to irk a lot of them!

    21) I’m Screwed. You’re Screwed. We All Are Screwed!

    Even being someone who doesn’t know much about math, formulae, calculations, and stuff, I can still tell this equation or whatever is just pathetic. If you don’t know math, accept it. Don’t come up with stupid ideas like these to prove it!

    22) My Face When the Teacher Announces a Math Test!

    Back in my school days, I used to skip school whenever there was something important happening in a math class like a test or something. My parents knew that I would intentionally skip school during math exam, but they were okay with it. They thought it was better to leave me like that than forcing me to do something that would give me panic attacks and nightmares. Hospital expenses – you know they are goddamn high!

    23) This Relationship Struggle

    And you have zero dollars! Be it a man or woman, no one should try to be a financial bully in a relationship. That surely leads to a disaster like breakup or divorce. A successful relationship is all about understanding each other and managing sensitive things like finance well.

    24) When You Finally Understand Something in Math  

    It’s MATH, not maths. Anyone who want to make math sound like plural, they can simply call it mathematics. I know Londoners call math maths, and as we all know, they are always wrong!

    25) When Your Barber Cuts Your Hair Using Equations and the Will of God!

    That’s some impressive stuff, I’m not even mad! I’m gonna show this meme to my hairstylist. Well, I don’t want a haircut like that. I just want to let my hairstylist know how perfect and precise a barber can be.

    26) Yet Another Crazy Math Equation

    If someone’s making jokes on math, perhaps, math screwed up their life! As I said earlier, if you hate math, hate it. But never ever use a stupid and pointless math calculation to make fun of math itself!

    27) Math is Definitely Worse than M*th

    Do you agree? I don’t think so. M*th or any other drug is worse than math on any given day. Math may ruin your childhood, but you always have a chance to build a decent career despite being poor at math. M*th ruins everything.

    28) This Ghetto Math Problem

    Let me solve this problem. The radius is just the size of Shalaquandra in inches. Am I right? Any math genius here?

    29) Math is Mental Abuse to Humans

    It’s so true in my case. As I have been repeatedly saying throughout this article, math gave me some psychological problems like anxiety and panic attacks! I stopped caring about math before my problems could turn into a full-blown math-induced depression!

    30) No, It’s Not Maths. It Math!

    Why does anyone use troll face to make this meme? Brits don’t even know how to use memes properly!

    That’s it, pals. Please share the article with your friends!

  • Zarya – Together We Are Strong

    Zarya is not only a good Tank but also an excellent overall Overwatch Hero. I don't think she can be a good primary Tank, but can give you good results when you use her as a secondary Tank. She is excellent at safeguarding key-targets. She is amazing in setting up Ult combos.

  • Zarya – Together We Are Strong

    Zarya is not only a good Tank but also an excellent overall Overwatch Hero. I don't think she can be a good primary Tank, but can give you good results when you use her as a secondary Tank. She is excellent at safeguarding key-targets. She is amazing in setting up Ult combos.

  • Winston – Imagination is the Essence of Discovery

    Winston is a genetically modified gorilla, and he is a lot different to other Overwatch in this aspect. He isn't an exceptionally good Tank Hero, but he is highly effective against the likes of Symmetra, Widowmaker, Lucio, Mercy, etc.

  • Roadhog – I'm a One-Man Apocalypse

    I expect Roadhog to move up the ranks and secure a top spot on this ranked list. He also is one of the best Tank Heroes of Overwatch. I really love the way he hooks his opponent and then kills them with his scarp gun. With abilities and weapons like Scrap Gun, Take a Breather, Chain Hook, Whole Hog, Roadhog is undeniably a favorite Tank for many players.

  • Orisa – I'm Simply Following My Programming

    Orisa is just a robot, which is still in its learning phase, and perhaps she isn't an ideal choice for many players, especially the beginners. Nonetheless, she is fun to play. Orisa isn't an primary tank, and can't serve the purpose someone like Reinhardt. Her abilities such as Fusion Driver, Fortify, Halt, Protective Barrier, and Super Charger are good, but her big head hitbox makes it easier for enemies to kill her.

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