30 Math Memes That Are Funny and Nightmarish Simultaneously

A whopping 30 funny math memes for anyone who wants to see them.

Math gave me panic attacks. Math ruined my childhood. I absolutely hated to write this math meme article, but I had to do that anyway because that is the only way I could make money. I wanted to become an astronaut, but my math teacher told me that I would never become one without knowing those complex math equations and stuff. Glad, I no longer have to solve or crack open difficult math problems.

To be frank, I didn’t even understand many memes on this topic, so don’t expect to read any kind of clarification. If you understand the math joke, laugh. If you don’t, watch your face in a mirror, put a pathetic face, and CRY!

Here comes the first picture of 30 hilarious math memes.

1) Some Wise Words of Wisdom from the Grumpy Cat!

Wouldn’t the world be a great place to live had math could solve its own problems instead of screwing up young people’s mind? The grumpy is very right; math needs to solve its own problems. We aren’t therapists!

2) You Look Like My Next Mistake

Length of the graph? The only graph I remember was a piece of colored paper that had some grid lines on it. I have no idea what this grid in the graph is about. Good lord, I have grown up and I don’t have to deal with problems like these. The math problem sure looks like a brain-eating monster!

3) Not Sure If Test Was Easy or Got Everything Wrong

Rule of math: If a problem seems easy, you are doing it completely wrong. If you ever find yourself such scenario, double check everything and make sure your answers are perfectly right. We all know that we just need to mess up one symbol to ruin everything!

4) That Moment When You Understand Something in Math Class

I can relate! I had my moments when I understood what my math teacher was explaining. It felt great! I then woke up, brushed my teeth, had bath, and went to my school! Yeah, it was just a wild dream. We all get them, don’t we?

5) When You Mistook TV Remote for a Calculator

Has a math test at school – accidentally packs TV remote instead of calculator! We all had out moments when we forgot to take some important stuff to exam. But taking a TV remote to a math test instead of a calculator? That’s an epic mess up!

6) Why I Failed Math Test?

Apparently, there are so many reasons on the pie chart. Let me tell mine. I failed my math test because I didn’t know a thing. I just sat there in the classroom and did nothing but hate myself for a good couple of hours. My math teacher? He knew I was going to fail!

7) This Extremely Lucky Person

If I were that person, I would still fail the exam! Knowing a formula is useful only when you know to use it properly! I know I’m sounding dumb. But, hey, let me tell you, this is exactly how I used be like in a math class. My gobshite math teacher in primary school used to criticize me always. With demoralizing attitude, he successfully convinced me that I would never be good at math, ever again!

8) I’m Not Even Mad, That’s Amazing!

Whoever came up with that solution was a genius. Here, take a bow! The teacher who corrected the problem was a genius too. I hope I was tutored by one of those nice math teachers. As said earlier, I only dealt with some sh*tgibbons and snake-headed moldnuggets.

9) GeomeTRY, GeomeCRY, GeomeWHY, GeomeBYE!

Wedding planners have to deal with a variety of calculations, price estimations, and stuff. Therefore, I don’t think you can be a good wedding planner if you are poor at Math.

10) What If Algebra Teachers Are Pirates?

Math teachers are really pirates. They keep saying that a student has to be good at math to have a great career and future ahead in their life. If they are right, if being at math assures a bright career, why are they ended up being a teacher? By the way, this is how you make a math meme with Conspiracy Keanu meme!

11) Math in a Nutshell

You are sure to get yet another different answer when you try it for the fourth time. That, my friend, is the beauty of math! Once you hate math, you are never going to love it.

12) Students Be Like – Just to Be Sure!

I really wonder how that TV remote guy handled calculations. Yep, the TV remote guy. You forgot him? The one who mistook TV remote for a calculator and packed it for a math test! Hey, do you know that a lot of Asian countries don’t allow calculators to be used during a test?

13) This Mystery  

Pizzas are circular in shape. They are packed inside square boxes. People slice them into triangular pieces and then eat them. Interesting, right? 48 hours later, pizzas take shape of a sausage – if you know what I mean!

14) Life is Like Math

Full of problems. Period. Only few can solve them, and the rest, they just sit there and cry. I bet every one of us is dealing with some sort of problem right now that we can’t solve anytime soon. We just learned to live with, don’t we?

15) Please Don’t Laugh When the Answer is 69  

Back in the day, when I was in school, I don’t even know what 69 meant! I didn’t have a smartphone. There was no internet at home. All I had in my home was a TV and a computer with DOS. You couldn’t even see a picture in that computer. It’s letters and numbers all the way. No Facebook, no Insta, and no drama! Good old days!

16) Grump Cat Loves Math Because Math Make People Cry

Math did make me cry, but it also hardened my feelings and changed my outlook of life. I was so much afraid of math at one point that it prompted me to tell myself something like, “no one’s going to kill you for being poor at math.” It was then I stopped caring about things. When you are in a problem, just tell to yourself that the problem isn’t going to kill you. And what doesn’t kill you makes you strong!

17) The Amount of Radians in a Circle is too Damn Pi!

Radius, diameter, area, circumference, etc. are some of the terms related to circles I can recall. I have no idea what radians are and how they are related to a circle. Pi is some 3.1415 and so on… I remember that.

18) Where is Your God Now?

I attempted to understand and evaluate this problem, but it gave me an anxiety attack! No, not gonna do that again. I think that’s a faulty and pointless math problem, comparison, or whatever, in the first place.

19) The Math Struggles!

My face when math makes me go out of my way and look for its X. And then has the nerve to ask for Y! I didn’t get that at all.

20) Math Homework Killed Itself Because It Had Too many Problems

No, math doesn’t kill itself. It tortures people until they completely give up on it! Nonetheless, that’s a creative excuse. I wonder how many math teachers in the world find that explanation cute. I’m sure that crazy answer is going to irk a lot of them!

21) I’m Screwed. You’re Screwed. We All Are Screwed!

Even being someone who doesn’t know much about math, formulae, calculations, and stuff, I can still tell this equation or whatever is just pathetic. If you don’t know math, accept it. Don’t come up with stupid ideas like these to prove it!

22) My Face When the Teacher Announces a Math Test!

Back in my school days, I used to skip school whenever there was something important happening in a math class like a test or something. My parents knew that I would intentionally skip school during math exam, but they were okay with it. They thought it was better to leave me like that than forcing me to do something that would give me panic attacks and nightmares. Hospital expenses – you know they are goddamn high!

23) This Relationship Struggle

And you have zero dollars! Be it a man or woman, no one should try to be a financial bully in a relationship. That surely leads to a disaster like breakup or divorce. A successful relationship is all about understanding each other and managing sensitive things like finance well.

24) When You Finally Understand Something in Math  

It’s MATH, not maths. Anyone who want to make math sound like plural, they can simply call it mathematics. I know Londoners call math maths, and as we all know, they are always wrong!

25) When Your Barber Cuts Your Hair Using Equations and the Will of God!

That’s some impressive stuff, I’m not even mad! I’m gonna show this meme to my hairstylist. Well, I don’t want a haircut like that. I just want to let my hairstylist know how perfect and precise a barber can be.

26) Yet Another Crazy Math Equation

If someone’s making jokes on math, perhaps, math screwed up their life! As I said earlier, if you hate math, hate it. But never ever use a stupid and pointless math calculation to make fun of math itself!

27) Math is Definitely Worse than M*th

Do you agree? I don’t think so. M*th or any other drug is worse than math on any given day. Math may ruin your childhood, but you always have a chance to build a decent career despite being poor at math. M*th ruins everything.

28) This Ghetto Math Problem

Let me solve this problem. The radius is just the size of Shalaquandra in inches. Am I right? Any math genius here?

29) Math is Mental Abuse to Humans

It’s so true in my case. As I have been repeatedly saying throughout this article, math gave me some psychological problems like anxiety and panic attacks! I stopped caring about math before my problems could turn into a full-blown math-induced depression!

30) No, It’s Not Maths. It Math!

Why does anyone use troll face to make this meme? Brits don’t even know how to use memes properly!

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