30 Math Memes That Are Funny and Nightmarish Simultaneously

A whopping 30 funny math memes for anyone who wants to see them.

Math gave me panic attacks. Math ruined my childhood. I absolutely hated to write this math meme article, but I had to do that anyway because that is the only way I could make money. I wanted to become an astronaut, but my math teacher told me that I would never become one without knowing those complex math equations and stuff. Glad, I no longer have to solve or crack open difficult math problems.

To be frank, I didn’t even understand many memes on this topic, so don’t expect to read any kind of clarification. If you understand the math joke, laugh. If you don’t, watch your face in a mirror, put a pathetic face, and CRY!

Here comes the first picture of 30 hilarious math memes.

1) Some Wise Words of Wisdom from the Grumpy Cat!

Wouldn’t the world be a great place to live had math could solve its own problems instead of screwing up young people’s mind? The grumpy is very right; math needs to solve its own problems. We aren’t therapists!

2) You Look Like My Next Mistake

Length of the graph? The only graph I remember was a piece of colored paper that had some grid lines on it. I have no idea what this grid in the graph is about. Good lord, I have grown up and I don’t have to deal with problems like these. The math problem sure looks like a brain-eating monster!

3) Not Sure If Test Was Easy or Got Everything Wrong

Rule of math: If a problem seems easy, you are doing it completely wrong. If you ever find yourself such scenario, double check everything and make sure your answers are perfectly right. We all know that we just need to mess up one symbol to ruin everything!

4) That Moment When You Understand Something in Math Class

I can relate! I had my moments when I understood what my math teacher was explaining. It felt great! I then woke up, brushed my teeth, had bath, and went to my school! Yeah, it was just a wild dream. We all get them, don’t we?

5) When You Mistook TV Remote for a Calculator

Has a math test at school – accidentally packs TV remote instead of calculator! We all had out moments when we forgot to take some important stuff to exam. But taking a TV remote to a math test instead of a calculator? That’s an epic mess up!

6) Why I Failed Math Test?

Apparently, there are so many reasons on the pie chart. Let me tell mine. I failed my math test because I didn’t know a thing. I just sat there in the classroom and did nothing but hate myself for a good couple of hours. My math teacher? He knew I was going to fail!