30 Girly Tattoos That Are Cute and Strikingly Beautiful

If you are a girl and looking for cute girly tattoos, your tattoo research should end right here because what you are about to see in this article are some nice tattoos for girls. Gender-neutral tattoos look good, but feminine tattoos look even great on women! If you agree with me, just scroll to down to see these 30 inspiring and beautiful tattoo designs for girls.

Please note that I had chosen these tattoos based mostly on their meaning. I tried my best to come up with a possible explanation of these girly tattoos, but please don’t mind if I got something wrong.

Okay then, here we go! Check some of the best girly tattoos with meaning.

1) A Medium Sized Rose Tattoo on Lower Hip

Girly tattoos

It’s a small and simple tattoo. It isn’t one of those colorful and eye-catching designs, but it still looks impressive. Tattoos like these are cost effective. You can get this kind of tattoos cheaply at local tattoo shops. I’m a big fan of such tats because they don’t dominate their wearers.

2) This Cute Owl Tattoo on Wrist

Owl tattoo for girls

If you are searching for small tattoo designs for women, you should add this adorable owl tattoo your wish list. I really liked that innocent expression on the baby owl’s face. Other than being just a girly tattoo, I don’t think this owl tattoo has any meaning. Even though it is a colorful tattoo, I can still see some life in it, thanks to the wonderful effort of the tattoo artist.

3) These Cute Birds

Cute birds tattoo
This tattoo looks good too. What do you say? I think those two birdies are a pair, and perhaps the wearer got that tattoo as a token of love. One of those two birdies must represent her boyfriend! Since there are no names in this tattoo, it will continue to work even if she breaks up with her boyfriend!

4) This Inspiring Never a Victim – Forever a Fighter Tattoo

Fighter tattoo

Personally, I’m not a big fan of quote tattoos. They look bland unless there is some kind of design involved. The reason why I still added a quote tattoo to this list because I want you girls to see how a quote tattoo look on a girl’s body, especially on the lower part of the stomach. This quote implicates that the girl might have gone through some problems in the past.

5) This Feather 3D Tattoo for Girls

Feather tattoo for girls

What you see in this picture is a 3D tattoo, and it does look beautiful. Hey, I mean, I only liked the tattoo. I’m not sure if the three-dimensional feather design is looking good on her body or not. The problem with this kind of a tattoo is that one needs to be very close to a person to see and understand the design clearly. From a distance, this tattoo may look like a bad skin bruise!

6) This 3D Butterfly Tattoo for Girls

Butterflies signify feminineness, delicateness, beauty, etc. Even though many men ink butterfly tattoos on their body, these butterfly tattoos are popular among women. I loved this cool body art a lot because of its three-dimensional appearance. The tattoo does give me an impression that there is a real butterfly hovering on her shoulder blade!

7) This Rose Tattoo on Shoulders

Rose tattoo on shoulders

As we saw a couple of extravagant and expensive 3D tattoos, now it’s time to check a plain rose tattoo. The tattoo looks a little bigger, but you can’t have a small one there because a small tattoo on shoulders looks disproportionate. Rose as body art has so many meanings from being a symbol of love, purity to a sign of hope and new beginnings.

8) This Rose and Floral Side Tattoo for Women

Flower art

The tattoo is a mix of rose and some floral design. It’s a side tattoo, and understandably, most people can’t see it because it is usually covered with clothes. Girl, if you want to show off your tattoo to friends, coworkers, or family members, avoid side or inner body tattoos. If you badly want a big tattoo but can’t get one because of social reasons, then get a tattoo like this.

9) This Cute Love Tattoo on Fingers

Love tattoo on fingers

Short, sweet, and cute! I loved the font, especially that curvy stroke right under the word, love. What do you think? Do you find it impressive? A tattoo like this isn’t going to cost you an arm or leg! The risk of a tattoo artist messing it up is minimal too. Any girl who is searching for some beautiful finger tattoos will find this cute tat awe-inspiring!

10) This Small and Adorable Elephant Tattoo

Cute elephant tattoo

10/10 I loved it. Well, well, well, this is one of the cutest tattoos for girls I have seen in the recent times. If you observe it keenly, you will notice small floral designs on the elephant, so it isn’t really an animal tattoo. This body art is a beautiful fusion of animal and floral designs, and girl, this tattoo is mysteriously beautiful!

11) This Dove Side Breast Tattoo

Dove tattoo for girls

Wow, this tattoo is adorable! I really liked this tattoo because it has a dove and a love symbol in it. Dove, as you know, is often used as a symbol of peace. This tattoo seems to be conveying the message, peace and love. It’s cute and small, so any girl who is in search of small tattoo designs should add this to her wish list.

12) This Majestic Back of the Neck Tattoo for Girls

Crown tattoo for girls

Unless you are royal queen or princess, you can’t comfortably wear a crown without people giving those weird looks. A crown is a sign of royalty, so if you can’t have one on your head, at least try to have it in some form like a tattoo, as seen in this picture! Such a tattoo straightaway sends a message to people around you that you are a princess type!

13) This Floral Hip Tattoo

Floral hip tattoo

Wonderful body art! If you are looking to get a tattoo on your hips, thighs, and adjacent areas, big tattoo designs like these look good. As I said earlier, the only downside is that you need to do exactly what this girl did in the image to show tattoo to friends and family members. I’m not sure about others. But I feel very awkward to do that!

14) This Love Tattoo on Wrist

Love tattoo for girls

Second love tattoo on this article, I guess. The reason why I included this design to this list is that it gives you an idea of how a simple word like love can look gorgeous if the tattoo artists use a nice font style and some creative design. Did you figure out the meaning of this tattoo? Apparently, it says, “Infinite love!” Isn’t this one of the cutest girly tattoos on this list?

15) This Stay Strong Tattoo

Stay strong tattoo

This thin-stroked tattoo with Stay Strong message is inarguably one of the best girly tattoos on this article. Just like the previous love tattoo, the tattoo is creatively inked to form the infinity symbol. I didn’t like the S alphabet in the tattoo, though. It hardly looks like S, and I was able to figure that out only after I read the rest of the phrase.

16) This Religious Tattoo for Girls

Faith tattoo

Do you love God? Do you want to show the world how much you love him? If so, consider getting a religious tattoo like this. It’s small, but it’s beautiful! There is an infinity symbol in this tattoo too! Hey, don’t forget that most religious or conservative people despise body art, so your church may not like you for putting a God tattoo on your body.

17) This Small But Color Floral Tattoo

Floral tattoo design for girls

It’s just a floral design, and I can’t see any message in it. It seems that girl hadn’t put much thought into it because the tattoo looks quite bland. The reason why I still featured this one in the article is that some people may like it because of its simple and colorful design.

18) This Beautiful Floral Moon Tattoo

Floral moon tattoo

This tattoo looks a lot different from others. What do you say? I have many friends who have cool and creative tattoos, but I haven’t seen a similar one like that before, not even something that comes closer to this floral crescent tattoo. Wonderful tattoo, and we must appreciate this girl and her tattoo artist for their creativity! Unquestionably, it is one of the best girly tattoos.

19) This Colorful Gun Tattoo

Gun tattoo for girls

This girly gun tattoo is for all girls who are strong-hearted, independent, and unique. It’s a gun tattoo, but it has a feminine theme, so that makes it a wonderful choice for gender-quality activists a.k.a. feminists. Apparently, it’s a large tattoo. One can have a smaller version of it on other body parts like hands or wrists.

20) This White Ink Tattoo

White ink tatttoo

White ink tattoos are a thing, and they are quite popular. They have their own advantages and disadvantages, which I will try to explain if I write an article about white ink tattoos. That’s a beautiful geometric design, by the way. If you are very interested in knowing white ink tattoos, read this article written by a friend at inkedweddings.com.

21) This Cute Monster Tattoo

Monster tattoo for girls

Are you Harley Quinn type? Do you consider yourself evilly beautiful? Then you should get this girly danger tattoo. The tattoo is a skull and two bones, which is often used to signify danger. The presence of colored hair, skull-theme ribbons, pretty eyes, etc. make it one of the best girly tattoos on this topic.

22) This Colorful Rose Tattoo with Cross

Rose with cross tattoo

Even though there is a cross, I can’t call it a religious tattoo because some of my non-religious friends had a cross in their tattoos. Whatever the girl’s intention might be, this tattoo looks brilliant. I particularly loved its colors. It has a nice 3D effect too!

23) This Long Quote Tattoo

Long quote tattoos

It’s an impressive tattoo, but I didn’t like it personally. I don’t like quote tattoos, especially if they are long. I added this tattoo to the article to give you an insight of what long tattoos look on women. Listen; unless there is a strong reason behind it, never ink a long quote tattoo on your body.

24) A Long Quote Tattoo Again, But This Time with a Feather

Feather tattoo for girls

“Always on my mind. Forever in my heart.” It sounds like a memorial tattoo, so I’m not going to analyze it deeply. Any girl like me who finds a quote tattoo plain and boring, she can make it attractive by adding some kind of design to it, like how a feather was added to this quote tattoo.

25) This Oddly Beautiful Full Back Tattoo

Full back tattoo for girls

Apparently, there are a couple of fishes looking at each other in this tattoo. The floral designs within the tattoo are an added attraction. The tattoo is big, colorful, and mysteriously beautiful. If I’m not wrong, the girl even had a red thong tattoo right on her lower back! It baffled me a bit, but well, tattoos need not be mainstream to look great!

26) This Adorable Girly Cat Tattoo

Cat and love tattoo

It’s not a cat tattoo wholly, as half of it looks like the heart symbol. The tat is an artistic fusion of a cat’s face and love symbol, which, for me, looks magical! As someone who loves cats, this kitty tattoo impressed me a lot. If you also love cats, try to get a tattoo like this!

27) This Diamond Tattoo with Space Colors

Diamond tattoo

Wow, what an amazing tattoo! This one is also one of the best girly tattoos we have seen so far, and the reason why I liked it so much is that it’s a colorful diamond! Girls love diamonds, so a diamond is one of the best tattoo ideas for women. Do you like this tattoo? What do you say?

28) This Love Yourself Tattoo

Love yourself tattoo

Wow! JUST WOW! That is some first-rate artwork. I have seen quite a few Love Yourself tattoos, but this one beats them all with its unique and artistic design. Girls, if you are really here to research some tattoo ideas, I would strongly suggest you get a tattoo a like this. It’s small, it’s beautiful, and importantly, it has a wonderful message!

29) These Skulls on Hands

Skull tattoo for girls

One skull is a girl and the other one is a boy. That skull on the right has a mustache, so I came to a conclusion that was indeed a male. The one on the left has some kind of floral design, giving me any impression that it was supposed to portray feminineness.

30) This Blue Rose and Cross Tattoo

Cute girly tattoos

It is the last tattoo you are going to see on this topic. It’s a religious tattoo again, as we can see a cross there. Personally, I’m not a big fan of spiritual tattoos. It’s up to an individual’s choice, anyway. I hope you liked this beautiful collection of girly tattoos. Keep visiting Gloonk.com for more wonderful articles about tattoos!

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