30 Girly Tattoos That Are Cute and Strikingly Beautiful

If you are a girl and looking for cute girly tattoos, your tattoo research should end right here because what you are about to see in this article are some nice tattoos for girls. Gender-neutral tattoos look good, but feminine tattoos look even great on women! If you agree with me, just scroll to down to see these 30 inspiring and beautiful tattoo designs for girls.

Please note that I had chosen these tattoos based mostly on their meaning. I tried my best to come up with a possible explanation of these girly tattoos, but please don’t mind if I got something wrong.

Okay then, here we go! Check some of the best girly tattoos with meaning.

1) A Medium Sized Rose Tattoo on Lower Hip

Girly tattoos

It’s a small and simple tattoo. It isn’t one of those colorful and eye-catching designs, but it still looks impressive. Tattoos like these are cost effective. You can get this kind of tattoos cheaply at local tattoo shops. I’m a big fan of such tats because they don’t dominate their wearers.

2) This Cute Owl Tattoo on Wrist

Owl tattoo for girls

If you are searching for small tattoo designs for women, you should add this adorable owl tattoo your wish list. I really liked that innocent expression on the baby owl’s face. Other than being just a girly tattoo, I don’t think this owl tattoo has any meaning. Even though it is a colorful tattoo, I can still see some life in it, thanks to the wonderful effort of the tattoo artist.

3) These Cute Birds

Cute birds tattoo
This tattoo looks good too. What do you say? I think those two birdies are a pair, and perhaps the wearer got that tattoo as a token of love. One of those two birdies must represent her boyfriend! Since there are no names in this tattoo, it will continue to work even if she breaks up with her boyfriend!

4) This Inspiring Never a Victim – Forever a Fighter Tattoo

Fighter tattoo

Personally, I’m not a big fan of quote tattoos. They look bland unless there is some kind of design involved. The reason why I still added a quote tattoo to this list because I want you girls to see how a quote tattoo look on a girl’s body, especially on the lower part of the stomach. This quote implicates that the girl might have gone through some problems in the past.

5) This Feather 3D Tattoo for Girls

Feather tattoo for girls

What you see in this picture is a 3D tattoo, and it does look beautiful. Hey, I mean, I only liked the tattoo. I’m not sure if the three-dimensional feather design is looking good on her body or not. The problem with this kind of a tattoo is that one needs to be very close to a person to see and understand the design clearly. From a distance, this tattoo may look like a bad skin bruise!

6) This 3D Butterfly Tattoo for Girls

Butterflies signify feminineness, delicateness, beauty, etc. Even though many men ink butterfly tattoos on their body, these butterfly tattoos are popular among women. I loved this cool body art a lot because of its three-dimensional appearance. The tattoo does give me an impression that there is a real butterfly hovering on her shoulder blade!