15 Hilarious Grandma Memes Everyone Must See

Searching for some funny grandma memes? I featured 12 of the best grandma memes on the internet here exclusively for you!

I love my grandparents, especially my granny (maternal grandmother). She cooks delicious food. She gives me a lot of gifts. Importantly, she backs and supports me whenever I have a problem at home.

My grandma is kind and soft-spoken. She has a good sense of humor too. Every time I visit my grandma, I feel like I have traveled back in time. Things like black and white photo frames, old-fashioned gadgets, classic furniture, a pleasant and distinct aroma, etc. fascinate me beyond belief!

I don’t know why you want check some grandma memes at this point in time, but I assume that you love memes.

Take a look at these funny and have a hearty laugh. But don’t use them to insult people.

1) This Funny Grandma with Gun Meme

Down and Eat More. You Are Still Not Full

The big question. Why do grandmas usually force feed their grandchildren? Here are a few reasons why most grandparents, especially grandmothers, always try to feed their grandkids.

·        They might have struggled for food when they were young (during the times of world wars)

·        People valued food a lot in the older generations and that was a big deal

·        Feeding invokes a sense of satisfaction

·        They know about your junk food habits

·        They think you are undernourished!

Hey, don’t reject food from your grandparents. Your refusal may hurt them. I believe that hurting grandparents is one of the horrible sins a human being can commit. Just tell your grandma that you are full. If she is still forcing you, tell her that you will eat after an hour two.

You know? My grandmother and I communicate very well. I will let her know beforehand what I want to eat. I love every dish she prepares from the 70s Watergate salad to the Deep South fired chicken!

2) This Naughty Grandma Meme

When your grandma discovers tinder!

Oh boy, I don’t want to say anything about this meme! It’s funny, nonetheless. Isn’t it?

3) Another Grandma with Gun

You don’t want vegetables? How about a bullet?

Eat vegetable peeps. They save you from a myriad of health problems from malnutrition to much dangerous conditions like cancer.

4) This Hilarious Grandma Meme

Roses are red, violets are blue, I have five fingers, and the third one’s for you!

Her face says it all!

5) This Grandma Meme Is Funny Too

“That’s nice, honey.” Grandma’s version of cool story bro.

6) The Reason Why We Should Respect Our Grandparents and Treat Them Well

Doesn’t have Facebook – still remembers your birthday.

This grandma meme tells us why grandparents are special.

7) Yes, They Do – Grandma!

Do they deliver emails on Sunday?

8) This Funny Grandmother Meme That Talks About Food

When ya grandma finds out you aint ate all day

Not sure about your grandma, but mine surely gets a panic attack!

9) This Hilarious Grumpy Grandma Meme

I can’t say that I completely hate you. Unfortunately, I have to agree.

10) Turning Right in 5 Miles, Better Signal Now

I am a bad driver. My mother sucks at driving too. And so is my grandmother!

11) This Funny Gymrat Grandma Meme

Do you even lift bro?

12) 65 Wat Grandma  

Are you aware that this “Wat” grandma passed away sometime back? She was one of the many celebs and popular people passed away in 2016.

13) Grandma Come Over!

Me: Grandma, Come over.

Grandma: I can’t, I’m too old.

Me: My parents left me alone at the house with no food!

14) My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard

Well, I must say it’s a dirty grandma meme!

15) This Funny Workout Grandma Meme

Put me in a home. I put you in the ground.

That’s it. We have reached the end. Please share the grandma meme collection with your friends. Hey, how about reading some grandma jokes?

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