15 Birthday Jokes That Are Sure to Crack You Up

Are you searching for some funny birthday jokes? Your search ends here because I collected and published 15 hilarious birthday jokes exclusively for you!

1) Where’s My Birthday Present?!

A boyfriend invites his girlfriend for luxury dining to celebrate his birthday. The couple meets at the restaurant late in the evening.

Boyfriend: You didn’t bring a gift?

Girlfriend: No!

Boyfriend: You didn’t buy me a gift? Seriously?!

Girlfriend: NOoOoo!

Boyfriend: But why?

Girlfriend: Didn’t you remember telling me to surprise you? I did surprise you now! Didn’t I?

2) This Dumb Birthday Girl

Girl: Doctor, My eyes become red and painful every time I try to eat my birthday cake. Do you think the problem is with my eyes or the cake?

Doctor: The problem is with candles. Please blow out candles before you begin eating the cake!

3) As We Get Older…

You know you are becoming old when you receive birthday cards and greetings from orthopedists!

4) This Badass Mom

It’s your birthday, honey! You don’t need to do the dishes or the chores today. You can do it tomorrow!

5) Is It Your Birthday Today?

On your birthday, I would like to remind some great words about birthdays said by a famous Chinese scholar. His name was Yung No Mo!

6) This Hilarious Birthday Joke

Grandson: Thank you, Grandpa, for the gift. The violin you presented me on my birthday a couple of months back helped me earn a lot of money!

Grandpa: Really? You play violin so well?

Grandson: No. I’m being paid my mom and dad for not playing it!

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7) One of the Funniest Birthday Jokes

What is the worst birthday gift to send to a state employee?

A motion detector!

8) This Dad and Daughter’s Birthday Joke

Pauline speaking with her dad on her 16th birthday.

Pauline: Dad, don’t you think I’m old enough to get my driver’s license?

Dad: Yes, you are. But our car isn’t old enough yet!

9) This Dumb Kid

Kid: Mom, when was I born?

Mom: 6th of October, 2010.

Kid: Wow, what a coincidence!

Mom: I didn’t get you?

Kid: I was born on the same day that I celebrate as birthday every year!

10) A Naughty Boyfriend to His Girlfriend

Is it you or the candles on the cake that is making things hot here?!

11) This Funny Birthday Wish

Hey, happy birthday, mate! In dog years, you are already dead!

12) This Sidesplitting Birthday Joke

I asked my wife what gift she would like to get for her 34th birthday. She said any gift was fine as long as it had some diamonds. I really hope she likes the pack of playing cards I bought for her!

13)  This Knock-Knock Birthday Joke

Knock, knock

Who’s there?


Mark who?

Mark your calendar – my birthday is coming!

14) This Dumb Blonde Birthday Joke

Girl: Wow, this birthday cake is crunchy! I have never eaten a birthday cake like this until now.

Her friend: You are eating the cake along with the plate! Stop it.

15) Birthday Are Dangerous!

Do you know why?

Too many birthdays can kill you!

I really hope you liked these birthday jokes. If you did, please share them with your friends so they can have a heartfelt laugh as well.

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